Monday, June 26, 2017

Expect The Unexpected

If there is one thing I know about a baby it's that they change so quickly. They grow up fast and as they do they learn a few things along the way. However what they learn is not always what you think you are teaching and what they show us is not always what we expect from them. 

For example: 
 When Shay learned to say Oh-Oh!

 When Shay learned to ham it up for the camera.
 When Shay learned to make her own style choices.

When Shay taught Daddy her style. 

 When Shay learned that a basket is just as good as a chair.
 When Shay learned she can get Daddy to do lots of stupid things and that's always fun!
 When Shay learned you can laugh at Grandma through a window in the middle of the door. 
 Shay leading in style by example...
And it worked Shay! 
 Shay learned that anything can be a hat. 
 Shay learned to make the Popeye face (even though she has no idea who Popeye is yet.) And then she taught Mommy how to do it. 
 Shay learned that 'ears' are appropriate at anytime at Grandma's house. (for both casual and formal attire)
Shay decided that a winter hat and plastic eggs are cool any time too.