Sunday, January 22, 2017

Christmas 2016

I'll bet you thought I had abandoned you entirely didn't you? Well I came close to it....not deliberately of course but because life simply gets in the way.
Obviously it's been months since I've even thought about this blog. Many things have happened...some good, some not so is like that. So I'll pick up at Christmas because that's an easy place to start.

Christmas was good, fine, ok....whatever. Most Christmas's are whatever these days simply because they can't compare to the Christmas's I had as a kid. Nothing compares to anything that happened when I was a kid. But then again, who said we are supposed to be comparing these events anyway? Probably best not to do that.

So this year was much the same as other years with one small difference. Shay is here now and she cannot be ignored....not that you'd want to anyway. She is adorable!

I had to stop myself from spending way too much money on Shay. She is barely over a year old (I do not know the exact number of months she is...I'm not that kind of grandma.) and will not remember much of Christmas yet anyway. Besides that she has a definite love affair going on with boxes. That old joke about kids playing with the boxes and ignoring the's perfectly true. I have seen this baby go nuts over the box her car seat came in. That box was her best friend for weeks. I tried to keep this in mind while buying Christmas presents for her. Not that I was looking for special boxes for her but I was trying to control my spending by remembering no matter what it is it will probably not make a big impact on her at this age....unless of course it's a cool box. So I got her some clothes because she considers herself  a very stylish baby. And I got her a few educational toys....small cardboard books that little hands can hold comfortably; chunky piece puzzles for little ones; block puzzles for young children and the like.
 All of these gifts had to be opened for her as she has not yet realized how the whole wrapping paper ripping process is built right into the gift giving event. Either that or she was bored by the paper tearing part. I don't know. But eventually she had received all her gifts and was entirely underwhelmed by them....not a decent box in the whole lot.

Shay's favorite gift was a fuzzy chair that has a dogs face on it. I don't know who gave it to her (she has so many admirers) but she loved it. She spent most of her day diving face first into it to hug it; sitting on it and watching events around her; 'reading' her books while sitting in it and then bringing toys to line up around the chair while she sat in it. Adorable to watch of course. I wish I had bought that chair.

My Christmas was made better by the fact that Shay was there. She is always the best part of every event that she's a part of. And as a special Christmas gift I was treated to the following pictures taken by my son a little while after Christmas.

There is nothing better than receiving a Baby in a Box. I'm putting that on my Christmas list from now on!  

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mom's Birthday Dinner

Pretty much every year we take Mom out for dinner for her birthday. This time we went to Olive Garden and it was Bunny and me taking her out. 

The dinner was fine although nothing to get excited about. The Olive Garden now has a small game console on the tables and you can play a variety of games for free. It's a feature I would expect to see on the tables in the bar area and not the restaurant, but it was fun to give it a try while we waited for our food to arrive. 

Bunny brought Mom to the restaurant so it was my job to take her back home. The drive home turned out to be the highlight of the evening....and quite by accident. 

As we were driving to Broad Brook we saw an accident on one of the small Enfield roads. We passed it slowly; cops and lights everywhere; didn't look too serious but the cars involved were pretty banged up. After seeing that I saw a couple more cruisers in Enfield as I was making my way to Broad Brook. Seeing so many cops in a small span of time made me hyper aware of them and I happen to notice a cop car hiding along side of Revay's building but on the side where the tree line was....very difficult to see and a perfect spot to catch speeders. 

So I said out loud to Mom "I saw a cop hiding there next to Revay's", to which she replied "Really?? I've never seen one of those! Where did you see it?!??"  I'm instantly baffled by the overly excited response to my bland remark so I said "Right there next to Revay's."  And she says "Really? A cock fight next to Revays??!!" And I said "No, I said I saw a COP HIDING next to Revay's" and she says "Oh, I thought you said you saw COCK FIGHTING next to Revay's!!"

I still can't stop laughing..........