Saturday, October 21, 2017

Peeping Tom

Earlier this summer I had a strange experience. I felt eyes on me when I was in the bathroom.....a very unnerving feeling to be sure. Well of course I looked around and checked everywhere for any evidence of cameras or suspicious looking paraphernalia. I came up empty handed and thought I was just imagining it. I must be going crazy!

Then I went to open the bathroom window and let in the beautiful summer breeze with that glorious sunshine and this is what I found! Not so crazy after all. 

 Oh yeah....all full of excuses and innocent looks but I know a Peeping Tom when I see one!!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Mystic Aquarium 2017

 This type of jellyfish had little neon lights running through it continuously. So cool looking!

Another extremely different looking jellyfish  

 Shay enjoyed them all. She kept saying 'fishes' all day. 

 The colors were amazing. 

 Shay watched the sleeping sharks for a minute then turned to us and whispered "Shhhhhh....sleeping."

 Of course they brought healthy food for Shay like they always do but she is not above eating someone else's french fries for dessert. 

 I think Kaylee enjoyed the day more than she expected to. She even left her phone in the car without me asking her to!

 Shay eating Daddy's french fries. 

The saddest moment of the day. This little penguin was standing in the corner alone. I was told he is in mourning for his wife who died of old age yesterday. Penguins mate for life and will often display this kind of behavior at the loss of a mate. So sad! I was assured however that he will rebound and join the others after a few days. Poor little guy. 
His wife was 30 yrs old and he's close to that age too. In the wild they usually only live for about 12 yrs.   

After seeing so many frogs all day I was only interested in this flower.  :)